Monday, 20 June 2016

The year so far and the months to come

Dear All...Well its been an amazingly busy year, here at my shop & workshop and also out and about with my workshops at many, many different locations. 
I have traveled far and wide this year with my little traveling workshop case, to teach my skills to many like minded others. And likewise, I have also learn and also been inspired by the many amazingly talented people who I have met over the last few months.
 And thank you for all the little scraps of fabric, buttons threads etc that you have be so kind to share with me from your own collections, during these workshops

As many of you know this time last year I took over over my shop at 158a Columbia Rd on my own, and hosted not only a summer re launch party but also the launch of my little self published book...Thank you to everyone who has continued to support my work and my little book, which will shortly and very proudly be going in to its third print

And now, with memories above and below of last years fantastic turn out and support from you ALL,  I am currently planning what cakes to bake....and working hard designing and making over 60 of my hand made "Altered journals"  for this summers event, that I will be hosting here at my shop & Studio

You are all invited to my summer tea party here at 158a Columbia Rd on Saturday August the 6th 2016 

This day will celebrate my "Altered Journals & memory books" on the day my shop window will proudly display over 60 of my hand collaged and stitched books alongside several new framed works that I am currently working on here in my studio

 Journals in progress here in my studio this summer

Above and below
Memories from last summers tea party here at my shop

The year so far designing...
I am delighted that I have finished and completed some new designs this year that are now all available both  here at 158a Columbia Rd and also on my online shop

These include my new tea towels, hand screen printed tote bags and my embroidery templates 

 Upcoming Workshops

I am delighted and excited to be hosting a special one day "Altered Journals" workshop to co inside with my Altered Journals summer exhibition. This Journals workshop will be help on Saturday August the 13th 2016 at Fabrication on Broadway Market Hackney E8

I still have some spaces left for this date, and  I am now taking bookings for my Festive Christmas workshop On Saturday November the 19th 2016

 As usual all my upcoming workshop dates and booking can be made at the address below

 Cowslip Farm summer fair 2016

Next Month in July I will be running a two day embroidery workshop at the wonderful Cowslip Farm in Cornwall, I am supa excited about working with you over these two days in Jo Colwell's  wonderful studio at Cowslip farm...although this workshop is now fully booked I just wanted to make sure you are all aware that I am staying on after this workshop for the Annual Cowslip Farm summer fair. This event will be held over the weekend of July the 23rd and 24th 2016 and I will be there with many items from my shop including some new embroidery and patchwork pieces. I will also be doing embroidery demonstrations over this weekend in the studio

More info can be found here

So Below are some favorite scenes from my shop so far this year.... thanks once again for your support and I so look forward to seeing you all this summer here at my shop and please do join me for my summer party on August the 6th from 11/5... for a fun day of crafting, eating cake, chatting and drinking a little bubbly

The day will be long and relaxed with many like minded people popping in so please do bring you knitting or stitching with you so we can all chat and make together through out this day

Don't forget you can keep up to date daily with my workshop dates, events and happenings here on my Instagram feed


Saturday, 21 May 2016

My new embroidery templates are ready,,,

Dear All
I hope this post finds you all very well and enjoying whatever creative projects you are currently working on, be it embroidery, knitting, your home or working in your garden this spring

I would like to introduce you to one of my latest designs and these are my new embroidery templates

As many of you know I have been designing these over the last few months here in my studio, hand illustrating in my sketch book, and then printing my illustrations with a screen print process on to a
 soft flecked cotton fabric...Perfect for stitching in to

I have now, enjoyed stitching all x 4 designs myself using my favorite stitches and some of my lovingly collected and saved fabric scraps, and I must say I am delighted by the outcome

I have mainly used my fabric scraps as you will see to give a patched border to my designs, I have also included some simple printed images made using my block stamps

I have now used my new template with amazing results on two embroidery workshops of late. I have been so delighted and inspired by the way that you have worked in to my design, all in completely unique ways, adding your own personalities and stories to each design and always creating something beautiful...Thank you for this as it has really inspired me

 My new embroidery templates will now be used in all my upcoming embroidery workshops and they are also now available here at my shop at 158a Columbia Rd E2 7RG and also on my online shop

I hope you enjoy using these templates as much as I do...Completed templates can be used for a variety of things...

They can be beautifully framed in a framed of your choice

Attached to a beautiful cushion and placed in your home

Attached or made in to a bag

Given as a special gift for a memorable event

Happy spring time to you all from me here at Jessie Chorley The shop & Studio. 
I really look forward to seeing you all this year here at my shop 
or out and about on one of my workshop dates

Until then warmest wishes



Monday, 22 February 2016

My new bag is now ready... 

 Over the last few months I have been working away designing this bag and now it is finally ready here at my shop & Studio

It took me a while to complete as I kept changing my mind about the design as I wanted my shop address but also a full illustration featured.... 

 The illustration is a selection of my own drawings combined with one of my Mum Primmy's drawings her's is the lovely singer sewing machine featured on the front

 My new bag is printed double sided on to this thick 100% cotton bag with webbing handles and a gusset to the bottom

 Each bag is printed locally to my shop and is then hand finished by me in person here in my studio with hand stitched red detail to the middle of the heart design...Thus making each bag unique

If you are a keen embroiderer you could really enjoy stitching in to my design on the bag with your own chosen threads and even adding a fabric patch here and there.... I will be doing this to one of the bags for myself and will enjoy using it around my shop and studio for storage of little fabric scraps

Many thanks for your orders so far and all pre orders will be posted out from this Friday if you wish to order your own bag please visit my online shop here

Or please do pop in and see me at my shop this weekend here at
158a Columbia Rd
E2 7RG

I look forward to seeing you all soon


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

You are Invited to a Summer Party...

Jessie Chorley
The Shop & Workshop

I have been, and I will be working on a collection of over 60 hand made 

"Journals and Memory books" 

that will be be displayed in my Shop window 


Saturday August the 6th 2016

A mini workshop will also take place on this day

I will be posting my progress over the months ahead here on my blog and look forward to seeing you all in August...for a celebration of my Altered books....


Sunday, 31 January 2016

Paper and stitch the year ahead....

Paper and stitch some news and dates as 2016 starts to unravel here at Jessie Chorley the shop & Workshop....

I would like to wish you all a very happy 2016 and below I am just introducing you to some of my plans for the years ahead so you can join me on some of the below dates, workshops and events I have planned...

As many of you know 2015 was a very busy year with lots of unexpected changes happening here and the biggest taking being taking my shop over on my own...This meant lots of moving and re locating my studio at the back of my shop

After getting all set up I was so delighted by how the year ended here at Jessie Chorley the shop & Workshop.... I was thrilled how the Christmas season went and I was overwhellmed by all your loyalty to my shop and my makings...So many of you chose to do your Christmas shopping with me and to visit my shop on the run up to Christmas 2016 and I want to say a huge Thank you once again

Because of this I was delighted to be able to put my little book that I wrote last year in to a second print. The shop is now fully stocked once again with "Jessie Chorley The story of a maker" and is as always available on my online shop 

I have been busy designing and working on some new items for my shop, and below are my new screen printed sketch book for 2016... I designed then late last year and have just finished putting them together. They are printed in black ink and I have hand printed and collaged the each one is slightly different

I have already got one in full use here as a little place to write down ideas and notes when on my daily travels and they are available now both here in my shop and also online 


Paper and stitch The year ahead...

I have been busy working in my own sketch books and thinking about how I will develop my work this year and how the development of my own work will be reflected and inspire my workshop this year

As a maker I often go back and forth with ideas and late last year I had an overwhelming feeling to look at old sketch books and old photos of work that I made when I was a student at Goldsmiths College and also in the early years after I graduated

I was incredibly inspired by the work of two artists during this time Cy Twombly and also Louise Bourgeois. The works that always inspired and still do are these two below. Mainly for the simplicity and narrative that they hold. I am also draw to them  for the calmness and honesty of the materials that are used in the construction

So as this year unfolds I am taking some of the elements of the way that I was inspired in my early days of a maker, and also the way that I worked as a student especially with regards to the materials that I used at the time. I will then attempt re introduce this asthetic in to the way that I am making today. I want to take new inspiration from how I played and worked with chosen materials at the time...I have never drastically changed the materials that I have used as a maker to date. Found Cardboard and broken or deconstructed and re constructed books have always been my main materials and then most importantly fabrics from found and used clothing or home ware are also still used in my work... And simple stitches to hold all in place or to illustrate a narrative...

 Whats to come this year at my shop and workshops...

I am busy working on some illustrations here at home after the great enthusiasm and success of my  Make your Own Altered Journal kit and also my Make your own French Bunny brooch kit.
I have decided to create one more kit for this year ahead and this will be an embroidery kit that will include a template that can then be stitched in to. I am currently designing and  developingthe illustrations and instructions for this kit.

Below is a pieces that has inspired me to complete my new embroidery kits and it was made over the festive season by a regular attendee of my workshops the lovely Helen. I Really love what Helen has created using my sacred heart template and adding here own word of love and hears below

This sacred heart template plus a few more are now available in my shop and online just incase you fancy a go yourself. Some new templates will be available this spring and they will be used in my upcoming Embroidery workshop in April here in East London at Fabrications on April the 23rd

 Upcoming workshops for 2016

I have listed three new workshop dates for 2016  here in East London all three workshop are focussing on work that I am developing this year my Embroidered illustrations, my hand stitched sewing sets and also my Altered and embroidered Journals

To view these workshops and to secure a place please visit the links below or call me at the shop on

I look forward to sharing ideas old and new with you all on my upcoming workshop this year... be it here in London or at a venue that I will be traveling out to 
All my workshop dates outside London can be viewed here

Save the date Saturday August the 6th 2016

On Saturday August the 2nd 2016 I will be hosting a summer tea party at my shop to celebrate "my Altered Journals" I have been making my Altered and embroidered Journals now for over 15 on this day I will be having an exhibition in my shop window with over 60 hand made Journals all that will be made by me here at my shop or while on my travels...I will give some updates of work in progress over the next few months and all works will be for sale on the day with prices starting at £40.00

I am really enjoying developing new and again old ideas and styles for my "Altered Journals" and "Memory books" and I have been incorporating and experimenting with paint and more cut out secret sections in to the books of late, as well as playing with some gold leaf detail....anyhow all will be on display here at my shop this summer....I hope you can make the day and enjoy a piece of cake and some bubbly with me....

And as always I will  have a selection of my Journals available in my shop here on Columbia rd I am a little low at the moment after Christmas but Have several on the go here in my studio almost ready for completion



I have been enjoying a bit of a spring clean at 158a Columbia Rd and I put in a fresh window with over 25 inspiring Hyacynth bulbs from the Flower market on Sunday... I enjoyed finding old cups, pots and jars and potted them all up and mixed them with cards etc in my window...A lovely fresh start for the year ahead and I also have a Valentines theme running through the shop....with my hand made valentines cards now in and also available online 

My Opening time are the same this years....

Jessie Chorley
The Shop & Workshop is situated
in the heart of East London
at 158a Columbia Rd London E2 7RG

Mon-Wed appointments only
Thurs-Fri 11 am-6pm
Saturdays 11am-5pm
Sundays 9.00am-5.00pm


My closest station is: Hoxton
Buses that run close are: no 55 and 26

Ok time to get back to my making, drawing and stitching....I look forward to seeing you all this year here at my shop and workshop or out and about on a workshop of your choice

Don't forget you can follow me daily on my Instagram feed by visiting this link

Very best to you all....